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Using a Baby Carrier while Pregnant

First things first…let’s clear up a certain notion about babywearing while pregnant—it is absolutely possible! Several factors must be considered when choosing the appropriate carrier, and each mother must decide what works best for her and her baby, but once she does, she’s well on her way to carrying both babies while leaving both hands free to tend to other tasks during the course of her day.

Some important factors to consider:

  • The age of the child to be carried.
  • The stage of mom’s pregnancy.
  • Mom’s weight gain.

Let’s talk poppability, which, for those of you who don’t know, is the quality in a baby carrier of being easy to get a baby into and out of, while being easy and practical to wear without a baby. For example, if the child that you will be carrying is younger, you may want to select a carrier that you strap onto your body, such as an Asian-style baby carrier (also known as an ABC) or a wrap. As your child grows older, and is moving around more, you may want to replace those carriers with a ring sling or a pouch; both carriers would have more poppability, and thus make mom’s job that much easier.

As mommy’s tummy changes every month, her choice of carrier may change as well. In the beginning stages of pregnancy it is still possible to carry your first child in your front. As the pregnancy progresses, and mom’s tummy grows, the child will have to be carried on hip, and later on mom’s back at the very end of her pregnancy. Again, this is when either an ABC or wrap will really come in handy, and accommodate both mom and child.

Naturally, as mom’s due date gets closer and closer, she will continue to gain weight. Particularly, most of the weight of the first child mom is carrying is in her hips and legs. If the wrap is tied correctly, the child is sitting in a “belt” that she makes with the first wrap around her waist, and then all the weight is carried by her hips and legs. At the end of mom’s pregnancy when she is at her heaviest, she should choose a carrier that distributes her weight as evenly as possible throughout her body.

Most mothers agree that the best carriers to use during pregnancy are Mei Tais, Wraps and Buckle Carriers. Mei Tais can be tied in a variety of ways…ties above the breasts, directly below the breasts and under the waist. Wraps can also be tied in a variety of ways, and even tied so that they aren’t around the waist at all. Buckle carriers are less versatile, but easy to take on and off.

Ultimately, the carrier a mother chooses should provide maximum comfort for her and the child she is carrying, as well as fit their particular lifestyle together.

If you’re looking for the right carrier to use during your pregnancy, be sure to take advantage of the many resources that we have to offer including our Baby Carrier Buying Guide and our articles on Baby Carrier Types and Knowing the Baby Carrier Brands . Our Baby Carrier Reviews and Baby Carrier Comparisons are also great tools that can help you to narrow your carrier choices before making a purchase.