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Using a Baby Carrier with Twins

While the task of caring for infant twins can be challenging there are several products on the market that that can make life easier for parents of twins. The baby carrier is one product that can definitely make taking care of infant twins more convenient for parents.

While there are several types of carriers that can be used to carry twins, one wraparound carrier can be used to carry both of your twins.

These easy-to-follow instructions can make it possible for you to carry your twins in a wrap:

  • Wrap as shown in the wrapping instructions that accompany the product. Locate the shoulder piece that is closest to your body.
  • Place the larger of the twins on the opposite shoulder.
  • Slide the baby down your chest and into the section of fabric that is closest to your body. The baby's legs will remain in the fetal tucked/lotus position.
  • Place the smaller twin in the other pocket. Again, the baby's legs will be tucked inside the pocket.
  • Pull the logo tag up and over both babies.

It is important to remember that twins may only enjoy being held together for the first few months, and that babies will cue you when they are ready to be out of this position by starting to stretch their legs. Once your children reach the age of three or four months, you can begin to use a combination of carriers to successfully continue babywearing. Keep in mind that regardless of whether you are carrying one or two children in a carrier you should always be familiar with the instructions for using the carrier and have a good understanding of how to use the carrier safely .

Some carrier combinations that work well for carrying older twins include:

  • 2 pouches or ring slings-crossed with one over each shoulder.
  • 2 Mei Tai carriers with one worn in the front and one on the back. This style of carrying works best with children four months of age or older.
  • 2 wraps can be worn in a variety of carry positions. Both can be worn on the wearer's front, one on each of the wearer's hips, or one on the wearer's front and the other on the back)
  • A combination of one wrap and one Mei Tai.

Now that you have some specific ideas about how the feat of wearing two babies can be accomplished, you should become familiar with some general babywearing tips that will be helpful:

  • Babywearing twins can also mean wearing one while holding another, which still makes doing activities much easier.
  • Mei Tai carriers are particularly useful for parents with twins who are six months old or older.
  • It's important for dads to also take part in babywearing, which means selecting baby carriers that can be used by both of you and having more than one on hand. To find out how to select the right carrier for your needs, read the article Advantages of Babywearing for Dads .

As you can see, there are many combinations of carriers that can be used to wear twins; all you have to do is pick which style works best for you and your twins.To learn more about the above mentioned carrier types, take a look at our Baby Carrier Types article . If you have already decided which type of carrier you'll use with your twins, our Baby Carrier Comparison Tool and Baby Carrier Reviews can help you to find the perfect model of carrier for your family.