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Traveling with a Baby Carrier

At the first thought of it, traveling with a newborn or young infant can seem to be the most daunting parenting task. However, with proper planning and the right baby gear in tow you can rest assured that your trip will be enjoyable for everyone involved. One of the key baby gear items that can ensure that trip goes smoothly is a baby carrier. Not only will a baby carrier make it easier for you while traveling, but it can also ensure that the time spent at your final destination is stress free and pleasurable.

When it comes to choosing a carrier for traveling, there is a product available for almost every situation. Whether you are traveling by plane, train or boat, you’re sure to find a carrier that will meet your needs.

The most important things to consider when choosing a travel-friendly baby carrier are:

  • Age and weight of the child to be carried.
  • Amount of strain that will be put on the carrier’s back, shoulders and hips.
  • Convenience of using the carrier in a variety of situations that you’ll encounter on your trip including in an airport, during naptime, while nursing or while hiking.

The features that are most focused on by parents when choosing a specific carrier include comfort and ease of use. Both of these features are particularly important when you plan to travel with your carrier.

Comfort – When selecting a carrier, it is important to choose a model that will be comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. Selecting a carrier style and model that evenly distributes your child’s weight and can be adjusted for more than one carrying position is ideal.

Ease of use – Because traveling can be stressful even without a young child in tow, a carrier that is easy to use will be the most beneficial. Be sure to practice using your carrier prior to leaving for your trip so that you are familiar with how to adjust the carrier as well as how to get your child in and out of the carrier. Be sure to take into account how the carrier will be used during the trip, especially if you plan to breastfeed in the carrier or carry twins .

A variety of carrier styles can be used successfully while traveling. A structured soft carrier is a popular carrier choice for many parents. A soft structured carrier offers comfort, affordability, has a short learning curve and is very easy to use. However, this carrier is best suited for babies weighing up to fifteen pounds due to the way the child’s weight is distributed and the limited carry positions available.

Another example of a popular carrier for traveling is a wrap or wraparound carrier. This type of carrier offers comfort, multiple carrying positions, and, unlike most soft structured carriers, it accommodates infants and toddlers. Regardless of where you travels take you, a wrap can be used to tote your little one around in a comfy position.

If your trip involves hiking or long walks outdoors, a backpack frame carrier will be the best option for these activities. While a frame carrier is great for hiking and outdoor activities it does not offer a variety of carrying positions and is much bulkier and cumbersome than other carriers. If you will need a frame carrier for your trip, you should consider taking along another carrier for traveling to and from your destination as well as time that will be spent participating in other activities besides hiking.

When choosing a carrier for your trip, it is a good idea to consider who will be wearing the carrier. Just because a carrier is comfortable for mom to wear, doesn't necessarily mean that it will work as well for dad. Babywearing provides a great opportunity for dads to bond with their children. To read more about dads and carriers, take a look at the article Advantages of Babywearing for Dads .

Of course each trip that you take will have its own unique situations; however, these tips will help give you a jump start on how to plan for that special trip with your family, and the precious additions to it. If you need a little guidance to select the right carrier for your trip, consider using our Baby Carrier Buying Guide and our article on Baby Carrier Types to learn more about what each type of infant carrier has to offer.