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Customers Testimonials

“The Perfect website for all things baby carriers! I knew nothing about baby carriers before visiting Baby Carriers Direct. Now I am educated on the subject and feel confident in knowing that I have a quality baby carrier that I know how to use correctly”

— Ashley D., San Antonio, Texas


The Baby Carrier Reviews

We want to hear about your baby carrier experience. Did the carrier you chose exceed your expectations and withstand both of your children? Or did you experience adjustment and balance difficulties from the beginning? Give other parents some of your inside knowledge about the carrier by submitting your review through the carrier’s product page on our store
If you are just beginning to search for the right baby carrier and are not sure where you should start, take a look at our Baby Carrier Buying Guide to steer your search in the right direction.
After you’ve decided which type of carrier will best suit your needs, reading parent submitted reviews can help you to identify the advantages of choosing one model over another. Torn between two models? Not a problem. Use our Baby Carrier Comparison Tool to see how they measure up to one another side-by-side.

Submit A Review

You can help other parents choose the very best baby carrier for their needs by sharing your experience and knowledge in a carrier review. When you write a review, try to focus on how each of the carrier’s features contributed to your babywearing experience. It is also helpful to include your general likes and dislikes about the carrier.
To submit your review, simply visit the product page of the item at Baby Carriers Direct and click on Write a Review. Once you reach the Write a Review page, you can create your user review in 10 easy steps

  • 1. Review Headline – One line that describes your overall experience
  • 2. Overall Rating – How many stars do you give the product?
  • 3. Pros – What do you like?
  • 4. Cons – What do you dislike?
  • 5. Best Uses – Which age group(s) is the item best suited for?
  • 6. Describe Yourself – Which category best describes you?
  • 7. Comments – Include any specific examples or experiences.
  • 8. Bottom Line – Would you recommend the item to a friend or not?
  • 9. Nickname – Name to be displayed on review.
  • 10. Your Location – Include your current city and state.

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