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Nursing with a Baby Carrier

Breastfeeding and babywearing are two parenting practices that work together in harmony to help you provide your baby with the best possible start in life
Many new mothers find that in addition to the benefit of bonding with their new baby, babywearing can also help both mom and baby in developing a positive breastfeeding relationship.

Benefits of Using a Baby Carrier While Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding while wearing a carrier allows you to nurse comfortably and discreetly when you are out and about. Your carrier can double as a nursing cover, and unlike a blanket it allows you to see and talk to your baby as he nurses. The carrier can also be used to shield your baby from outside distractions while nursing
Using a carrier while you breastfeed is also helpful if you have a child who is experiencing difficulties breastfeeding. Since the baby is at close proximity to mom’s breast, he is likely to take the opportunity to nurse more often and to nurse longer
Wearing a breastfeeding baby we also help you to learn your little ones early feeding cues since the two of you are in such close proximity to one another. This can be especially helpful while you are learning how to differentiate between your baby’s need for food and attention. It can also be helpful to use a carrier while breastfeeding twins since the carrier can help to hold the babies in place as they nurse.

Best Types of Baby Carriers for Successful Breastfeeding

When choosing a baby carrier that will allow for easy nursing, a sling provides the versatility that is needed to position your baby for breastfeeding. A padded sling offers additional support that can be helpful when breastfeeding a newborn. Our top baby carrier pick for breastfeeding while babywearing is the Maya Wrap Lightly Padded Sling
While most mothers find that slings are the best style of carrier for breastfeeding some prefer to use a pouch style carrier when nursing their children. Moms who typically choose a pouch over a sling do so because it has a shorter learning curve than a sling. A pouch is a nonadjustable carrier so you simply slip it on and go whereas a sling needs to be adjusted properly in order to hold baby securely. The downfall of breastfeeding with a pouch is the same feature that makes it so appealing. Since you cannot adjust a pouch, it can be difficult to wear your baby in a specific nursing position and the carrier must be removed and switched to the opposite side if your baby will nurse from your other breast when finished with the first.

Babywearing and Breastfeeding Positions

Nursing your child in a sling or other carrier is considered an advanced level of babywearing. It is advanced babywearing in the sense that you should be comfortable with both breastfeeding and babywearing separately prior to doing both activities at once. The two most common breastfeeding holds that are used with a carrier are the cradle hold or the vertical hold, which is also referred to as the tummy to tummy hold. While nursing your baby in a sling may be challenging at first with a little practice you can soon become a pro and breastfeed your little one whenever you are on the go.

If you need more help to select the right carrier, be sure to check out our Baby Carrier Buying Guide as well as our articles on Baby Carrier Types and Knowing the Baby Carrier Brands . Our Baby Carrier Reviews and Baby Carrier Comparisons can help you to further narrow your carrier choice when you are ready to make a purchase.