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Benefits of Babywearing

Many parents who are new to the phenomenon of babywearing often wonder what benefits it has for the child. To help you develop a better understanding of the many advantages of babywearing, we have compiled a list of the top 15 benefits that babywearing has to offer you and your baby. Our article on the Common Baby Carrier Misconceptions can help to dispel the myths regarding babywearing.
What is babywearing exactly? Babywearing is more than choosing to carry your baby in a sling every once in a while. The term babywearing specifically refers to wearing your baby for several hours each day as you go about your day normally or as normally as possible. Slings tend to be the most commonly used carriers by avid baby wearers though pouches and wraps are also popular choices. To learn more about the practice of babywearing, takea look at the article History of Babywearing


Top 15 Benefits of Babywearing

1. Eases transition from womb to world – Babywearing is essentially an extension of pregnancy, and it gives your baby a chance to experience and adapt to this new world while remaining close to you. The motion that a baby experiences when you walk is reminiscent of the rhythm that he became accustomed to in the womb, and it can help to soothe and calm him. This transition is especially important for preemies receiving Kangaroo Care .
2. Less crying – Crying is a baby’s way of communicating a need to his caregivers. Babies who are worn tend to cry less than others because they are more aware of their caregivers and the world around them. Often times, babies who are worn forget to fuss since they feel secure and their needs are met promptly.
3. Promotes bonding with your baby – Allows you to satisfy your baby’s need for human interaction. With your baby held close to you throughout the day, you as well as other family members are able to interact with him while going about your normal daily activities.
4. Keeps your hands free – Since you are able to keep your little one content and cared for by babywearing, you can attend to your daily activities more easily. Also with your hands free, you can entertain and care for older children 5. Reinforces your parenting skills – Given that you are able to become more in tune with your baby through babywearing, you will likely feel like more nurturing and confident as a parent. A happier, more content baby will also help to further boost your confidence.
6. Makes nursing easier – Breastfeeding mothers who wear their infants are able to become more in tune to their baby’s hunger cues. When you wear your breastfed baby in a pouch, you can easily and discreetly nurse him while completing your daily chores or while on the go. Read the article Nursing with a Baby Carrierto learn more about breastfeeding while babywearing.
7. Keeps baby safe and secure – Babywearing provides you with the unique opportunity to keep your baby close and protected in crowed spaces or unfamiliar locations. In the event that an unsafe situation arises, a sling allows you to keep your little one close and move more quickly to a safer area than you would with bulkier baby transport items.
8. Lowers your risk of PPD – According to Dr. Sears wearing your baby can help to lower your risk of postpartum depression since babywearing helps to increase a mother’s confidence in her own parenting skills and helps to encourage bonding between mother and baby.
9. Helps to put your baby to sleep – Many babies that are carried in a sling regularly fall asleep more easily when they are carried. Additionally when carried for the duration of their nap, then tend to sleep for longer periods of time, which can be attributed to the soothing rhythmic breathing and heartbeat of the parent.
10. Good for baby’s health and development – Babies that are worn have their basic needs met quickly which helps them to remain healthy and happy as they grow. Babywearing also aids in your baby’s development of digestion, respiration, balance and muscle tone.
11. No need to lug around a heavy stroller – Choosing a sling or pouch carrier is a good choice for crowded places where using a stroller could be a hassle. Additionally, when you choose to wear your baby, you are able to travel lightly since the sling can be packed away in a diaper bag or purse when not in use.
12. A cost effective choice – From the moment you become a parent, you are inundated with messages about all the baby gear items that you will need to care for your new bundle of joy; however, parents who choose to wear their babies find that they need far fewer items than once thought. You will get far more use from one sling, wrap or pouch than you will from a stroller, car seat or activity center that your child will soon out grow or lose interest in.
13. Encourages smarter babies - By being carried closer to an adult’s eye level than when in a car seat or stroller, a baby worn in a pouch is exposed to a more rich and stimulating learning environment. The baby also benefits from continuous changes in scenery throughout the day giving him increased visual stimulation.
14. Wraps and carriers are easy to store – Strollers, portable carriers and car seats can easily begin to pile up and take up lots of storage space in your home. If you choose to wear your baby, you can own a wide variety of slings, carriers and wraps that can all be stowed away in one drawer.
15. Allows others to bond with baby – Babywearing provides a great opportunity for dads as well as other family members or caregivers to bond with your little one. Whether it’s around the house, on a family outing or while traveling on vacation , moms can share the babywearing experience with the family.
Once you have decided to begin babywearing, it’s time to pick out your very first carrier. To get started, check out our
and the Baby Carrier Comparison Tool to find the best sling, wrap, pouch or carrier for your lifestyle.