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“The Perfect website for all things baby carriers! I knew nothing about baby carriers before visiting Baby Carriers Direct. Now I am educated on the subject and feel confident in knowing that I have a quality baby carrier that I know how to use correctly”

— Ashley D., San Antonio, Texas


Common Baby Carrier Misconceptions

Although caregivers around the world have relied on the convenience of babywearing for centuries several misconceptions (or myths if you will) regarding babywearing are still prevalent within our modern society
We’ve collected a few of the most common babywearing myths here and will debunk them with the truth about wearing your baby in a sling, wrap, carrier or pouch.


Myth: You will spoil your baby if you carry him around all the time.

Actually, the opposite is true. Babies who are carried frequently tend to grow up to become more confident, independent children. Also, when babies are worn often they develop a stronger sense of trust and security in knowing that their parents will be there when they need them.

Myth: Babywearing is dangerous.

In some instances, this myth can be viewed as true. While babywearing can be a very safe and rewarding way to care for your child, several precautions do need to be taken to make sure that your baby is carried safely. When wearing your baby make sure that he fits into the carrier securely, that his face is always clear and that you continue to pay attention to him even when he is being worn properly in the carrier. Failure to use a carrier properly can result in him slipping out of the carrier or suffocating because his airway is restricted. Taking the proper precautions when babywearing will ensure that babywearing is always a safe and happy experience for you and your baby. Before you begin babywearing, familiarize yourself with our Baby Carrier Safety Guide .

Myth: Using a babycarrier is too complicated

All new activities seem complicated until you give them a try, and it’s the same with babywearing. Once you try out your first carrier, you’ll find that using your new pouch, sling or wrap will become easier to use each time. The best way to familiarize your self with your new carrier is to practice using it with a doll or stuffed animal first. After you have a better understanding of the carrier and feel more comfortable putting it on and using it, you’ll soon find yourself referring to babywearing wearing as simple and convenient. Most carrier manufacturers provide instructions for using the baby carrier with photos and many are beginning to offer step-by-step instructional videos to help you get the hang of babywearing more quickly.

Myth: Babywearing is just a fad.

If babywearing is a fad, it is truly one of the longest lasting fads in history. For centuries upon centuries caregivers around the world have worn their babies and not out of a need to keep up with fashion or the latest trend. Babies have been worn out of necessity in countries around the world for hundreds of years though babywearing may seem to be a fad in the United States and other western cultures due to the recent surge in popularity by both regular moms and celebrity moms alike. Read our article History of Babywearing to learn more about how children are worn in other countries around the world.

Myth: Your baby will be delayed in walking if you carry them too much.

Babywearing enthusiasts find that being held closely to a caregiver and feeling the motion as they walk and move around can actually help a baby to learn this motion for themselves. When babies are worn, they begin to develop a sense of balance and establish muscle tone that will be needed for walking.

Myth: Babywearing is expensive.

While babywearing can be quite expensive, it can also be very cost effective as well. Some carriers that are available on the market may exceed your budget with prices tags above $100, but babywearing is only as expensive as you make it and many moms find it to be quite affordable when compared to purchasing other baby gear items such as strollers. Many affordable, quality carriers priced in the $35 to $40 range. Some moms even prefer to sew their own carriers from patterns found online.

Myth: I can’t wear my baby because I’m pregnant, short, plus sized, disabled, have back pain.

While you may not be able to settle down with the first carrier that you set your sights on, there is definitely a carrier out there for you. With the wide variety of carriers available and the many different styles and positions for carrying, most parents are able to find the right carrier for themselves after looking for a style that corresponds with their specific carrier needs. Finding a carrier that fits you well and distributes your baby’s weight evenly can make babywearing a real possibility for you. To find more information about selecting the right carrier for your needs, take a look at Baby Carriers for Plus-size Parents and Using a Baby Carrier While Pregnant .

Now that your fears about babywearing have been calmed, it’s time to pick out your first carrier or sling, get started and enjoy the Benefits of Babywearing . Our Baby Carrier Buying Guide will lead you in the right direction to begin selecting the best carrier for your situation. If you already have a sling or carrier in mind, check out the Baby Carrier Reviews and Baby Carrier Comparisons to narrow down your selection.