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Babywearing Throughout the Year

Babywearing offers many benefits and provides a great way for you to take your child with you wherever your day takes you. Once you have incorporated babywearing into your day, it may be hard to imagine going a day without your favorite carrier. However, you may need to make some slight adjustments to your normal babywearing routine throughout the year to ensure that both you and your child remain comfortable as the weather changes.

Tips for Warm Weather Babywearing

Breathable cotton carriers and those made of mesh fabrics will keep both you and your baby cooler during the sweltering days of summer. Some carriers are available in UV protectant fabrics as well as waterproof fabrics.
Remember to dress yourself and your baby in cool, breathable fabrics, and keep in mind that you’ll both be wearing the added fabric from the carrier.
Mei tais and structured carriers are made of the least amounts of fabrics so they tend to be the coolest types of carriers.
When wearing your child in a carrier during the warmer months, remember to use sunscreen even if you are using a carrier that provides UV protection.
While babywearing during warmer times of the year, it is important to make sure that your baby doesn’t get too hot and become overheated while in the carrier.

Tips for Cold Weather Babywearing

Dressing yourself and your child in layers is the first step to staying warm while babywearing. Wearing thin layers that can be removed throughout the day if the temperature rises provides a better option than wearing a bulky sweater.
Carriers made of fleece or heavy fabrics can provide an extra layer of warmth for your little one during this time of year.
Outerwear specially designed for babywearing can keep you both warm if you have problems getting your regular overcoat zipped or buttoned up.
Since podegis and wraps consist of large amounts of fabric, they are the warmest types of carriers wear because they act as a carrier and blanket.
With these tips, you can continue to comfortably wear your baby throughout the year. If you need more information to help you choose the right carrier, take a look at our Baby Carrier Buying Guide and Baby Carrier Types articles. Once you have a better idea about which carrier will work best for you, our Baby Carrier Reviews and Baby Carrier Comparison Tool can make it easier for you to make your final selection.