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Baby Carriers for Plus-size Parents

An issue that affects plus-size parents interested in babywearing is finding a carrier that fits properly. Purchasing a carrier that isn’t sized correctly for larger wearers can quickly cause frustration for parents. Bringing a carrier home only to find that the straps are too short or that the carrier holds the baby too high on your chest can prove to be quite disappointing.
In addition to finding a carrier that fits properly, parents also need the carrier to fit comfortably. A carrier that you can only wear for a few minutes before discomfort sets in will be of little use to you when you and your child have a busy day ahead. Larger parents may find a carrier that fits them well; however, once baby is in place the straps begin to dig or pinch in some areas.
While there are several carriers available that will accommodate plus-size parents, trying to determine which carriers will work best poses a challenge for several parents. There is no perfect carrier choice for all plus-size parents; however, slings and wraps tend to be better options for many larger parents. Since these carriers are fully adjustable, most parents can achieve a comfortable fit.

Best Carrier Choices for Plus-size Parents

Moby Wrap – Moby Wrap offers wraparound carriers that are available in a variety of fabrics and colors. Although it may take a bit of time to get used to tying the wrap on, Moby Wrap offers larger parents an adjustable, versatile and comfortable carrier option. Shop Moby Wrap carriers.

Parents of Invention – Parents of Invention’s line consists of wraps, slings and Asian style Mei Tais. Each of these styles of carriers can be adjusted to comfortably fit larger parents. Shop Parents of Invention carriers.

Kozy Carrier – The Kozy Carrier is an Asian style Mei Tai carrier that ties on with two pairs of fabric straps. While this style of carrier provides a comfortable, easy to use option for many parents, some larger parents may find that the narrow straps create discomfort for them. Shop Kozy Carrier baby carriers.

Baby K’tan – The Baby K’tan carriers feature a unique double loop design that offers 8 different carrying positions. They are available in multiple sizes that are able to accommodate women up to size 22 and men up to jacket size 50. Shop Baby K’tan carriers.

Maya Wrap – The Maya Wrap line offers lightly padded slings and Asian style carriers that provide parents with adjustable carrier options. Shop Maya Wrap carriers.

New Native – New Native’s line of infant carriers consist of non-adjustable pouches that are available in a wide array of colors. These non-adjustable pouches are available in sizes that accommodate parents with a chest size up to 45" and weighing up to 225 lbs. Shop New Native carriers.

In general, most structured carriers do not provide a proper fit since the design of the carrier limits its adjustability and expandability. Structured carriers refer to front, hip and backpack carriers that feature a structured carrier design and buckles or snaps. Additionally, structured carriers are usually only offered in one size since they feature adjustable straps. The size of the carrier or length of the carrier straps usually aren’t designed with larger parents in mind.

If you need more information before you are able to feel confident in selecting a carrier, take a look at our Baby Carrier Buying Guide and Baby Carrier Types articles. Once you have a better idea about which carrier you’d like to purchase, reading Baby Carrier Reviews and using our Baby Carrier Comparison Tool can help you narrow your choices.

Return to: Baby Carriers Buying Guide