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“The Perfect website for all things baby carriers! I knew nothing about baby carriers before visiting Baby Carriers Direct. Now I am educated on the subject and feel confident in knowing that I have a quality baby carrier that I know how to use correctly”

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Baby Carrier Safety Guide

Your child's safety and well being is undoubtedly your top priority especially when using a baby carrier
As Baby Carriers Direct, we want to ensure that that you are able to find the best baby carrier for your needs and that you understand the basic guidelines for safe babywearing. As a parent, you should know the Basic Safety Standards for babywearing. You should also stay updated and knowledgeable on all baby carrier safety updates and recall alerts. If a baby carrier that you purchased from Baby Carriers Direct is being recalled, we will send you an automatic recall alert.


Basic Safety Standards

Ensure that your baby's head is properly supported and that his weight is evenly distributed in the carrier. Be careful not to overdress baby that will be worn in a carrier since the carrier will add an extra layer of fabric on the baby. Learn more about choosing the right carrier for the season by reading Babywearing Throughout the Year . Practice using the carrier before beginning to use it to carry your baby. Only use a frame style carrier if you baby can sit up unassisted. Be sure to check your carrier regularly for sharp edges, ripped seams and missing or loose straps.

Activities that should never be done while babywearing include running, jogging or jumping, cooking since there is an increased risk of burns, boating because baby should wear a personal floatation device or anything that requires a baby to be in a car seat. Additionally, as a general rule, if you shouldn't do it while pregnant , don't do it while babywearing. In many cases, accidents that occur while participating in such activities while wearing a child encourage parents and caregivers to believe the misconception that babywearing is dangerous .

What is the ASTM?

The ASTM is an international standards developing organization, which creates and publishes voluntary technical standards for a variety of materials and products including infant carriers. Although ASTM develops technical standards that apply to baby carriers, they are not responsible for enforcing compliance with these standards
The major ASTM requirements for soft infant carriers involve carrier leg openings, dynamic load tests, static load test and requirements for warning statements on the product and in the product instructions. For more information on ASTM visit .

What does it mean if a baby carrier is JPMA certified?

If a baby carrier has a JPMA Certification, it means that the product meets the safety standards developed by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) along with JPMA and industry members, consumer groups and staff from the US Consumer Products Safety Commission.

In order to receive a JPMA Certification, manufacturers voluntarily agree to have their products tested by several standards. Baby carriers and other infant products that are JPMA Certified can be identified by the JPMA Certification Seal that their packaging bears
For a complete list of the JPMA Certified carriers, visit the JPMA website

Baby Carrier Recalls

Sending in the product registration card that comes with your carrier ensures that your warranty is in effect and that you will be informed in the event of a product recall. When you shop at Baby Carriers Direct, you'll receive the security of knowing that our Automatic Recall Alert System will notify you if a recall is issued for your baby carrier
Selecting the best baby carrier for your child's age and your situation is an important step in ensuring that your carrier will be used safely. Our Baby Carrier Buying Guide , Baby Carrier Reviews and Baby Carrier Comparisons provide all the information that you need to choose the best baby carrier for your current needs.